Residency at Parson Latham’s Hospital

Residents at Parson Latham’s Hospital enjoy single bedroom accommodation with their own bathroom, kitchen and private entrance. Access to town shops and public transport are only a few minutes’ walk from the building. We are very proud of our lovely lawned garden containing many fruit trees and a variety of shrubs.

While the organisation promotes independent living, it recognises that this is within a community environment. Each occupant is issued with a Residents’ Handbook containing guidelines to maintain mutual cooperation and smooth running of the almshouse.

Parson Latham's Accommodation

Governed by the constitution founded by Parson Nicholas Latham, our conditions of residency application are:

  • to have lived on a continuous basis within the parish of Oundle for a minimum of five years;
  • to be female, either single, divorced or widowed, and over the age of 60 years;
  • to not be in employment.

To make an application, please DOWNLOAD A RESIDENCY FORM here, or use our Contact page details to request a hard copy.

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged which will then be registered on our waiting list on a strict first-come, first-served basis.

Parson Latham's Bungalow

For further enquiries, please use the details provided on our Contact page.

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